title A research tool that automatically analyses sentences whether they are reflective or descriptive/non-reflective.
Reflection detection in action
ReflectR is a tool for researchers who are interested in analysing texts whether they are reflective or non-reflective. Traditionally this assessment had to be done manually by three coders who needed to agree whether a text was reflective or not. ReflectR can do this categorisation automatically, as it can compare your input with its huge collection of reflective and descriptive texts and give you instant feedback whether your sentence is reflective or descriptive/non-reflective. Currently ReflectR works only for sentences. In the future you will be able to analyse whole documents. Try it out and analyse a sentence.
At the bottom of the page you will find useful information about examples of automatically analysed sentences, and more about reflective and non-reflective/descriptive sentences. If you like it, please spread the word. See also the latest news section below. The short and permanent URL of ReflectR is
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ReflectR is a tool based on the work of Thomas Ullmann on the automated analysis of reflection in text. ReflectR is a research prototype used for demonstration purposes. If you are researching reflective writings and/or are interested in the best method to automatically detecting reflection, get in contact with me. ReflectR is constantly developed and researched, which means that classification results for the same sentence may vary as I trial different classification models, etc.